Medical Aid Payments

When you agree to undergo treatment by written and or verbal consent you agree to the financial terms of the Gibson practice. Primarily, irrespective of any third party being involved in payment, you agree to remain solely responsible for the whole account.

The two largest medical aid administrators have approved our treatments. However, individual schemes pay differing amounts. The concept of contracted-in or contracted-out no longer applies as the amount a medical aid is willing to pay is a function of the scheme you have joined. This means that an authorisation for treatment is not the same as an agreement to pay the entire fee. Only you can determine in advance what your medical aid will pay. While we are happy to motivate for treatment and obtain pre-authorisation, we cannot guarantee medical aid payments. Please accept the settlement of the account as your sole responsibility. We will require you to sign to this effect prior to treatment.

In spite of twenty years of attempted co-operation, certain medical aids have proved to be too onerous to deal with directly. In such cases, we request that your personally liaise with your medical aid. Please keep in mind that you have the right to report your medical aid to the Council of Medical Schemes if you deem them to be treating you unfairly.