Dear Dr S. Gibson

On Monday afternoon I underwent a procedure to repair veins in both my legs. The left leg had to have more extensive procedure. After a lovely sleep in a recliner I made my way to bed. My left leg became very painful. I had to take two of the prescribed pain killers in order to sleep. I woke the next morning with no pain and was at my desk by 07h00. Amazing.

The only problem I experienced was the tightening of the stockings to the point that the stocking had to be changed. Should you feel that the stocking is causing you undue comfort do not hesitate to contact Dr Gibsons’ competent staff. I recommend lots of walking, massaging and elevating of your legs in the days after the operation.

Dr Gibson and his staff have been wonderful and if any patient has a doubt think of the surgical route with days / weeks off work.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Thanking you.

A.S, South Africa

Just a short letter of appreciation for the first session of the procedure conducted on my legs.

I had my operation on Monday 05/06/2006. Went for a check-up and was quite surprised to see the improvement on my legs.

22 Years ago I went for the same type of operation and I spent a week in hospital with lots and lots of pain and still have the scars from that operation.

Monday I went in at 13.15pm and came out plus/minus 15.45pm – no pain and was able to work within about an hour thereafter.

I was very concerned about the operation as I had experienced considerable pain and the inability not to be mobile for almost a week.

I know that technology has become more advanced over the years but still feel that what you have done for me is very appreciative and I thank you for the work performed.

I recommend this procedure to anyone with the same problem as mine and I believe that they will not be sorry.

Thanking you very much.


M. W. Port Elizabeth, South Africa

To whom it may concern,
I underwent laser therapy for varicose veins at Dr Gibson’s surgery two years ago.
My experience was the following:

  • Very positive, patient-conducive atmosphere – even though you are scared, they make you feel at ease
  • DVT risks are low due to no anaesthetics and mobilization throughout the procedure
  • No open wounds due to only a small incision- my scars you can’t even see anymore. A friend of mine who had a Trendellenburg still has very bad scars – done in hospital by a surgeon.
  • The risk of infection is very low because you don’t have hospital inductive infections.
  • Hospitalisation in a more traumatic experience, especially the fear for theatre and anaesthetics.
  • Cost to medical aid is less as there is only one doctor and no hospitalisation cost.

I would recommend this for any patient who needs to go for laser therapy – my healing time was short and I could get back to work and didn’t have to sign a large amount of sick leave.

I went back for Sclero-therapy (on my own account) recently and was again very satisfied with the service and exceptional patient relationship.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!
All the best,
Diana Bosch

Diana Bosch,