Post-Operative Medication

In the majority of cases, patients do not require any pain medication. We routinely offer and encourage the use of post-operative analgesia (pain killers) and anti-inflammatory medication. As obtaining a sufficient amount of sleep can be difficult when wearing compression stockings, we traditionally prescribe a sleeping tablet for a few days after the procedure.


Compression Stockings

This is considered to be the toughest part of the post-operative phase. While it is not essential to wear compression stockings, the post-operative healing phase is far more painful and prolonged without them. The tight nature of the compression stockings ensures that the superficial vessels are kept closed and that venous return through deep and normal circulation is facilitated.



Initially, for the first three days, we request that you avoid sitting and standing. You should either be walking around or lying down with your legs up. Do not rush to the gym, especially for weight bearing exercises. However, aerobic walking, jogging, and cycling are recommended from day one post treatment.


Leg & Ankle swelling

Leg and ankle swelling is a feature of large treatments. Leg elevation, compression stockings, and message therapy are a tremendous help. Swelling is commonly caused by trapped old blood, which can be released by draining the offending vein. If this is reported within 3 months of your treatment, it will fall within our post-operative care package, and, at most, you will be charged for anaesthetics. If the swelling is reported outside the 3 month period, the expenses incurred will be charged to a separate account.


Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is offered by physiotherapists, massage therapists and beauticians. From three weeks after treatment, you are encouraged to book up to six sessions at weekly intervals. Alternatively, you can make use of Johnson’s baby oil and a muscle massage vibrator to deep massage yourself. A circular movement over tender areas with a thumb or two finger tips is the recommended action.