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Trust the Leading Vein Specialist to Successfully Treat Varicose Veins


It is estimated that varicose veins affect one in four women worldwide and one in six men worldwide. Given these statistics, it is a very common condition, and one that many people seek to address. While there are a number of popular remedies and treatments circulating out there, the one surefire way of treating varicose veins is to see a vein specialist.


Before we talk about why it is necessary to see a vein specialist or how they would treat varicose veins, let us take a closer look at this condition.


Varicose veins occur when the veins (usually in the legs) dilate abnormally. This can be due to the weakening of the walls of the veins, the failure of the valves in the veins, or a combination of these. There is often a family history of this condition, but this is not always necessarily the case. The following causes can also lead to this condition developing:


  • Leg injuries
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Blood clots in the legs (deep-vein thrombosis)


Why seek treatment for varicose veins?


In most cases, varicose veins do not pose a serious health threat, but they can cause physical discomfort, such as itchiness, swelling, burning pain, restless legs and ulcers on the legs. They are also unsightly, which can cause self-esteem issues for some patients.


That said, varicose veins can also be an indication of a more serious medical condition, such as the presence of blood clots. A vein specialist can help you determine whether there is any cause for concern.


Where to find a vein specialist


Dr Stewart Gibson is a trusted varicose veins specialist who is based in Gqeberha, South Africa. With more than 25 years of experience in medical practice, the Gibson Vein Practice, alongside the advanced treatments on offer, are known to produce exceptional results.


These treatments include:


  • Sonar Guided Treatment – A non-surgical procedure that makes use of a vascular sonar
  • Phlebectomy – A skin prick no bigger than an injection puncture is made, through which the vein is lifted and tied off
  • The Button Ligation Method – Problematic veins are identified and injected with “glue”, known as sclerosant
  • Sclerotherapy – An agent is injected into the affected veins, which causes the relevant veins to shrink and dissolve
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment – A Micron Laser Fibre is inserted to treat the affected veins


The type of treatment that is correct for you, is determined by the severity of the condition, as well as your overall health. To find out more about the treatment options, get in touch with the leading vein specialist in South Africa – Dr Stewart Gibson.

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